Eyedea Living offers full-service design and construction of custom furniture using metal and wood. From the initial design idea to the final product being placed in your home or business, Eyedea Living takes care of everything along each step of the way. For those that are not in need of our design services, we can fabricate from your plans or detailed drawings.We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with you or your designer to create the perfect piece for you that reflects your unique style, personality, look and feel.

At Eyedea Living, we believe that true freedom begins at home and how we live greatly affects our lives. That’s why we thrive to constantly develop and deliver complex interior solutions – matching collection of furniture’s. We believe that a beautiful and functional interior is the beginning of a happy home where everyone can be themselves.

In common with Eyedea Living furniture, there is the ultimate beauty as “minimalism”.There is also “dynamism” that expresses a strong presence eliminating the elements of cheap tricks as much as possible.The design of Eyedea Living gives an impression of “modernism” and “high grade” by incorporating the classical form in part.And we will create products with new “functionality” that should be called “new lifestyle” which will fundamentally change the past lifestyle.

“A comfortable, tense, minimalist figure with plenty of texture.”

We express Eyedea Living’s worldview that coexist design and functionality by means of the fine materials, including solid wood material.


Our Vision is not only to become a leading international decor manufacturer but also importantly, touching a billion beautiful relationships by delighting each & every one’s experience through our expertise in the world of decor.
We hereby announce that we are here to under-promise & over-deliver the results!


We are one of the top furniture makers today in India who’s crazily & wildly exploring into the mission of merging the modern art with traditional cultural decors. When it comes to Eyedea Living, two things have always been kept consistent since the inception till today.
Creativity & Quality. Adding Creativity and keeping the highest level of commitment towards the best grade quality, are not just the demands that are being fulfilled. But, That’s our passion. That’s our character. That’s our identity. That’s our trigger point. We see the decor from the perspective of not just a product but an art. And art represents the artist. It represents the artist’s emotions. Our decor represents us & our passion and emotion towards our aim of over-delivering the results!