Felicity – Dining Table


The Felicity series is designed based on the minimalistic beauty of modeling.
The “comfortable tension” expressed in natural materials creates a higher-grade space.
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“minimal modeling with a comfortable tension and plenty of material” . Careful polishing that greatly affects the beauty and texture of the wood, assembly using traditional construction methods, and packaging that is carefully finished in order to deliver it carefully. The abundant knowledge and experience cultivated by craftsmen is important in all processes. In addition to pursuing design, we are working on finishing each and every detail without any compromise. DETAIL A dining table made of natural solid wood. The longer you use it carefully, the more the taste of solid wood will increase due to aging. We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate various situations such as dining as well as offices. As it is simply finished, it fits well with various spaces and chairs.

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Felicity – Dining Table
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