The Reading Corner

Book lovers will love this. People who love books and are in a habit of spending their free time with a book always dream about a perfectly designed space, a place that is quiet, tranquil and warm for a comfortable read. Here we tell you how to create a reading corner that you have always fantasized about!

COMFORT should always come first. Then you need a good Bookshelf an amazingly comfortable seating and a good place to rest your drink in between lines!

Your reading Book can be anywhere in the room. However, little corners and alcoves are the best places that create a sense of separation from the room, giving you personal space. Read on to know how to set up a book-reader’s haven in your room in simple steps:

Find a quiet spot

You need a place away from the hustle-bustle of the rest of the room. Choose a corner, or a spot beside the window or any other solitary spot. This spot should be away from any external disturbance like the noise from the TV or radio. Another important thing is to make sure you have an electrical outlet so that you can plug in a reading lamp.

Your throne

We know you can sit for hours at a time, especially if the book is one of your favorites. For this, you need to make sure that your seat is as comfortable as possible. Choose a Cozy Chair or couch. Note that it should not be too large and the style should complement the overall décor of the room as well. It needs to be firm, not sink-in soft to maintain a healthy posture and back health.

A surface to rest your drink

You need a table or shelf to set down your reading glasses, or your drink after a while. If you are close to the window, you have the window sill; otherwise, you might want to consider placing a small table, something small and sleek but stylish enough!

A reading lamp

Lighting is important for reading. Apart from the overhead lighting, you need a table lamp for the right amount of light. Consider something with a dimmer, so you can adjust the light at different times of the day. What’s more, choose a decorative or stylist lamp to add a fun and artistic element to your reading corner.

Add warmth and coziness

Choose artwork or painting to add fun and excitement to your room. Accessories and cushions can add comfort and decorative feel to space. Throw in a blanket for those chilly nights. Make space your own by adding personal touches that give you a sense of comfort and belongingness.

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