The well-read home office…

Why books are a must in every workspace, even at home

Time was when we demarcated leisure and work and gave each the time it needed. Today, the edges of our worlds have blurred and given that we spend more time working out of home than we do in the office, having a superb library for our home office is essential. After all, reading maketh the man, so it is said, and rightly so! No wonder then, that the home office library is one of the hottest trends of this year. Everyone is looking at being counted among the bibliophiles!

Well-read means well-bred is what book lovers believe!

Books remain the commonest form of distilling knowledge and experience about almost every topic known to man. Reading books about your professional and allied domains not only makes sense it also defines you as a thinking professional who brings a wealth of information to the table. So let’s show you how you can incorporate your love for books into your home office.

Books are an integral part of a great home office design

#Bookshelfies are in!

It’s become a trend for celebs to share their bookshelf or pose with a book. From Celebrity chefs such a Nigella Lawson, to music icons such as Keith Richards, all have been posing with books. Here’s a pic of Ms. Paltrow, movie star and founder of GOOP, sharing a current read. Catherine Zeta Jones who often shares what she reads, posted a pic of Marilyn Monroe among books. Oprah Winfrey, media mogul, has a very popular book club to encourage reading.

Some great bookshelves for your home office!

Eyedea offers some extremely distinct and unique designs of bookshelf. Take a proud #Bookshelfie or show off your collection on an important Zoom call. Not just the books, we’re confident the bookshelf will get noticed too!


This contemporary design bookshelf has a solid plywood with walnut veneer frame that adds more years to its life. The entire frame comprises a vertical panel on either edges, embellished in elegant micro fiber.


The understated design of this revolving bookshelf has been etched specifically to cater to small space demands. Add your favourite books to this quirky revolving book shelf with a nickel brushed stainless steel base and wooden shelves in matte finish.


A dynamic design, this bookcase/divider complements creative and modern spaces. The veneered structure has a stainless steel laminate on base profile.


This beats the timeline with its unconventional appearance. Libreria is a display shelf that offers you unlimited space to keep your things handy or display your treasured keepsakes. The half-coated, copper finish tubes give it a chic, timeless appeal.

Who says books must stay on bookshelves only?

The days of rigid uni-purposing are over. Today, all it takes is flair to shape change one piece of furniture into another! Presenting a few pieces that would be great if used as a home office storage cum bookshelf!


The four solid walnut veneered wood drawers on Shanghai Buffet appear to be floating. They actually sit on a metal frame in bronze finish; the top and the bottom shows the veneered plank offering generous storage space.

Use the open shelves to showcase your book collection and the drawers to stock more books or whatever else a home office needs!


With fixtures reminiscent of streamer trunks and wooden strips with buttons embedded, this buffet side table offers impeccable design. Finished in blue leather & highlighted with silver finish legs, Beloved brings the perfect combination between contemporary and rustic styles.

Super-smart looking, this trendy set of drawers is great for all those tastefully designed coffee table books or the latest business best sellers.


The trendy and chic Milano is a chest of drawers which elegantly matches your vibrant décor. Designed using leather, the stylish furniture item employs modern design sense and smart design rules.

Reminiscent of luxury world travel, this beautifully conceptualised set of drawers can make your book collection look grand. The rich tan colour is a great background for a book collection.

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